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Admission Instructions for International Students 2020-2021 Academic Year

Application Dates and Deadline for Submission:

All programs (Excluding International Master of Science in Reconstructive  
Between January 1, 2020 ~ April 17, 2020 for the Fall Admission. (Taiwan Time)

Between September 1, 2020 ~ October 13, 2020 for the Spring Admission. (Taiwan Time)

International Master of Science in Reconstructive Microsurgery:
Between January 1, 2020 ~ March 31, 2020 (Taiwan Time)

Applications submitted by fax or e-mail will be rejected. Late, ineligible or incomplete applications will NOT be processed. Undergraduate programs are open for FALL ADMISSION only.
The admission quota of each department and graduate institute can be reallocated by the Admission Committee if necessary.

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