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Future Prospects

  1. Creation of an environment for the Development of Chinese Medicine: An excellent learning environment is provided to develop medical experts in the new generation with modern medical knowledge and Chinese medicine literacy to enhance Chinese medicine research, teaching standard, and medical service.
  2. Modernization of Chinese Medicine: Through the technology and knowledge of modern medicine, the theories of Chinese medicine are studied and the scientific method is used to remove the bad and retain the good for the greater benefit of Chinese medicine.
  3. Internationalization of Chinese Medicine: Chinese Medicine is the essence and the treasure of Chinese culture as well as part of the intellectual wealth of all humankind. After the understanding and interpretation of the theories and the practice by the scientific approach of the modern age, Chinese medicine should be spread to every place in the world for internationalization to benefit all mankind.
  4. Development of Research Professionals: In order to further develop Chinese medical science, the establishment of the College of Chinese Medicine is planned in coordination with a medium-term development project to cultivate clinical and research professionals in Chinese medicine and to enhance the levels of teaching, research, and service of Chinese medicine.
  5. Compiling of Chinese Medicine Teaching Materials to Enhance the Quality of Teaching of Chinese Medicine: The Department needs to have its own independent teaching materials. Through compiling of the teaching material, the contents of the teaching materials are enriched while the final teaching materials are submitted to the Ministry of Education as references for the assembly and editing of textbooks by the Ministry.
  6. Industry-University Collaboration: The Department collaborates with the Graduate Institute of Natural Products and the Chinese Medicine Department and Chinese Medicine Pharmacy of the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to drive the research, teaching, and medical service of Chinese medicine.
  7. Establishment of the Chang Gung Chinese Medicine College: The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Graduate Institute of Traditional Medicine, the Graduate Institute of Natural Products, and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital have been established to educate and develop top-level Chinese and western medicine specialists with knowledge of both Chinese and western medicine. The goal of internationalization and modernization of Chinese medicine can be accomplished as soon as possible through the close collaboration of professional specialists from the College of Medicine, the College of Engineering, and College of Management
  8. Purchase of Chinese Medicine books, journals, and microfilms of rare books: The establishment of the Chang Gung Chinese Medical College requires plenty of reference materials about Chinese medicine. In addition to Chinese pharmaceutical books published in Taiwan and the collections of rare books and microfilms in Mainland China, the School also went to Mainland China to purchase Chinese medicine books and journals to help teachers and students enrich the knowledge and study of Chinese medicine.
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