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School of Traditional Chinese Medicine


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Dr. Hsien-Hong Yang, Professor
        E-mail: dryang@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        Tel: +886-3-2118800ext3398


Dr. Tsong-Long Hwang, Professor
        E-mail: htl@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext5523


Dr. Jia-you Fang, Professor

        E-mail: fajy@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext5521


Dr. Hsiang-Ruei Liao, Professor
        E-mail: liaoch@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext5522


Dr. Tai-Long Pan, Professor
        E-mail: pan@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext5105


Dr. Pei-Wen Hsieh, Professor
        E-mail: pewehs@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext3105


Dr. Tzung-Yan Lee, Professor
        E-mail: joyamen@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext3537

Dr. Jyh Sheng You, Associate Professor
        E-mail: y0606@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext5982


Dr. Yann-Lii Leu, Associate Professor
        E-mail: ylleu@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext5524



Dr. Chin-chuan Chen,  Associate Professor

        E-mail: chinchuan@mail.cgu.edu.tw

                TelL +886-3-2118800ext3719


Dr. Ying-Ling Chang, Assistant Professor
        E-mail: c1220@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext5103


Dr. Jong-Jen Kuo, Assistant Professor
        E-mail: kjj308@mail.cgu.edu.tw
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext3868


Dr. Geng-Hao Liu, Instructor

        E-mail: wisdomhao@gmail.com
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext3869


Dr. Shun-Li Kuo, Instructor
        E-mail: barrington_kuo@hotmail.com
        TelL +886-3-2118800ext3867